IDK were to start but umm my name is fabian xD and i struggled alot in my life but thanks to someone i love so much she helped me thru everything . i just cant explain wat i feel for her i just always think of her no matter what . I FAWKEN LOVE YOU CHRISTINA . hmm well my parents were going to divorce wich brought alot of impact on me but i guess im fine now . i find this extremly weird right now just typing things about me ahaha. ...

well now imma talk about the one i love ,Christina i just honestly think she is my true love . i think of her more than i blink. my love for her is just incredible .Sometimes i cant sleep just thinking about her . she is so beatiful , smart , and funny (: im not so much of a jelous type but wen i see her around other guys i just feel like idk or like if she talks to someone that i know likes her its just hard for me . ANH YEU EM CHRISTINA < 3 (:

Another thing is i am ILLUMANTI i do worship the devil. i was emo , i did cut myself . dont hate ! bitch !